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The human body’s physiological response to warmth is vasodilatation.

Vasodilatation, which is the widening of blood vessels, increases circulation or blood flow in the area warmed.
This is the basis for thermal regulation and is well known in healthcare.

One of the most common and important complications of diabetes is poor or inadequate circulation in the lower extremities. This can be referred to as “ischemia.”

Eighty-five percent of lower extremity amputations in the US are preceded by ischemic diabetic ulcers.

Currently, people who have diabetes and suffer from cold legs, which often indicates poor circulation, are repeatedly warned not to use electric blankets, heating pads, or hot water bottles to warm their lower extremities because they may burn themselves.

As a result, the people with diabetes and poor circulation have been deprived the circulatory benefits of vasodilatation. Many older people with PVD have poor circulation in the lower legs and do not suffer from diabetes.

Vaso-Wraps® are indicated for Safe Warmth. There are NO electrical wires or heating elements that might burn a person. Diabetics can safely SLEEP all night in Vaso-Wraps®.

Vaso-Wraps® are made of custom quilted nylon and wrap quickly and easily around a limb, usually a lower leg, with hook and loop fasteners. The thick quilted nylon insulates the warmth of the wearer’s body in without the risk of burning the patient. Most people feel the warmth in seconds. For some people, such as those with Reynaud’s Disease, it might take a minute or two to feel the warmth.

The Safe Warmth provided by Vaso-Wraps® produces SAFE VASODILATATION in the micro-circulatory system in the area where they are worn. The vasodilatation may occur in the collateral micro-circulatory system. The Safe Warmth is moist warmth which most wound care professionals consider the optimal environment for wound healing.

Prolonged Safe Vasodilatation from Safe Warmth, and its associative increase in circulation or blood flow, is a MEDICAL MILESTONE for people with diabetes. Safe Warmth is the primary benefit from wearing Vaso-Wraps®.

The Safe Vasodilatation provided by Vaso-Wraps® has helped to successfully avoid at least three expected lower extremity amputations at the VA in West Haven, CT. Two veterans had suffered from non-healing ischemic diabetic ulcers. The most recent avoided amputation was due to gangrene as a result of frostbite.

Vaso-Wraps® are patented and FDA Registered, Class 1 medical devices. In addition to being indicated for Safe Warmth, Vaso-Wraps® are also indicated for Limited Protection.

Vaso-Wraps® are on the VISN 1 FORMULARY and are available free of charge to eligible veterans from the VA.

Because of the benefits of Prolonged Safe Vasodilatation, when Vaso-Wraps® are worn on the lower extremities they may improve the delivery of oral and intravenous antibiotics to the micro-circulatory system of infected areas or wounds and the delivery and absorption of insulin for diabetics.

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Using Prolonged Safe Vasodilatation(TM) from the Safe Warmth provided by Vaso-Wraps(R), the mission of AGP-Medical, LLC is to reduce lower extremity amputations, improve healing outcomes for chronic wounds such as ischemic diabetic ulcers and reduce the cost of healthcare for these patients.

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